Featured orchids for Friday, April 24.

April 24

Here are Friday’s featured orchids. Today we have three of them.

On the left is an an antelope dendrobium. The dark fushia is completely surrounded by a white edge. The price is $25. If you call or email us with questions or you want to buy it, call it the Antelope Dendrobium.


The orchid on the left is a newly opened lady slipper. It is going for $27. If you call or email with questions or you want to buy it call it the dark lady slipper.





And we are featuring a vanda. It is a dark purple with a really waxy substance. It is $35. The flowers are somewhat large, approximately 4.5 inches across. If you call or email, call it the dark vanda.

Vanda for sale

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Here are featured orchids for Thursday, April 23.

    Our featured orchids for today are a Miltonia hybrid (Left) and a Dendrobium nobile hybrid (Right). The Miltonia is just coming into bloom and costs $27. The Dendrobium is in bloom and will hold its flowers for another month. It is $25. Buy both for $50.

    If you are interested in one or both, you can call us at 815-469-3774 or email us at anythingorchids@msn.com. Once we have the pertinent information (Name, address, phone number, and credit card information), we will ship the plants to you on the following Monday or Tuesday. We use US Mail, second day delivery.

I have updated some of the previous week’s features to let you know what has been sold.


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Wednesday’s featured orchids are Vandas!

Don has two lovely vandas for today.   Due to the size of the plant on the left and the deep coloring, the price is $35. The vanda on the right is $30. Again designate them by Wednesday’s Vanda left & vanda right.  Email us at www.anythingorchids@msn.com or call us at 815-469-3774.               

And don’t forget to look back at Monday’s and Tuesday’s plants if you haven’t yet.

We still have these available. They are good sized plants and flowers.

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