Blooming Times-Winter 2009

Orchids as Christmas Presents

What do you buy for the person who has everything?  Or what do you buy older people? There are 30,000 orchid species.  The amount of hybrids are even larger.   Depending upon the type of flower, most plants are capable of blooming for two months.  The length of the blooms depends on the conditions in one’s house.  To prolong blooms, put the plants in a cooler darker area and avoid heating drafts.    When you buy from us, ask the sales person how long the plant should bloom.  Remember big box stores salespeople may have no clue how long the blooms should last.

If you want something special for Christmas, please call us early so that we can make arrangements for your unique gift. Or come in and pick out your favorite and we’ll hold it for you.

Cold Weather

I do quite a few craft shows.  People are always stopping me and asking me if it’s too cold for the orchids.  I tell them it’s not too cold if you take precautions.  We sell and compete at the orchid show in Madison, Wisconsin.  Two years ago at that show the temperature did not get above 0 degrees.  The attendance was around 2,500 for the show.  People up there were not concerned about the weather. People tell me the best Orchid Show is in Minnasota in January.

Now there are some things that you should do in cold weather.  The plant should be completely covered by some type of protective device.  Usually a plactic bag or double bagged.  Paper also provides good protection.  The plant should be in and out of the weather as quickly as possible.  Usually one person waiting at the door while the other person gets the car is the best procedure.   At the greenhouse people quickly go from the greenhouse to the car without any problem.  Do avoid stopping for any period of time.  In cold weather plants left in cars for any length of time could have some damage.  We often take plants inside an have our plants checked in when we have to do other errands.  If you want to make people jeolous, go into a restraunt and show off your orchids while eating your meal. 

 Reblooming Orchids

The most grattifying experience is to get your orchid to rebloom. What do orchid need to bloom? First they need air around their roots. This means repotting every couple of years. For phalaenopsis and paphiopedilums, it means repotting every year. Next, the most important thing is light.  Match the light needs to the window you have. High light in south windows, et cetera. If you live in the midwest and your plants are not blooming, give them direct sunlight from late Fall till Valentines Day. I know the books say no direct sunlight.  That is true for most of the world, but not in the upper midwest. Temperature is also important. Most orchids like a change of temperature throughout the day.  A cool night temperature helps set bloom spikes. Most orchid require regular watering. But some live in areas of the world that have definite dry periods. These orchids and their hybrids require that same dryness in order to grow and bloom.

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