We featuring orchids from our greenhouse!

Here are Tuesdays featured orchids. They are $27 each or both for $50. The one on the left is a dendrobium nobile. The one on the right is a paphiopedilum maudie.We have only one of these green maudies.






We have the both of these available.


Here are Monday’s featured orchids. They are only $27 each or $50 for both.
The flower on the left is a Dendrobium anosum. We have a couple of those. We have only one of the flower on the right. It is a miltonia. It actually has a somewhat yellow color. Please email us at anythingorchids@msn.com or call us at 815-469-3774. Let us know which one you want by telling us Monday right or Monday Left.


We still have Dendrobium anosum available. They smell heavenly!

We have one more yellow and fushia miltonia left.




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